TrustNinja Removal Guide

Do you know what TrustNinja is?

TrustNinja is another fake spyware detection and removal application. Normally advertises on malicious sites as an anti-spyware program, TrustNinja is nothing but another rogue anti-spyware program.

TrustNinja pretends that it is able to optimize your system through the detection and removal of computer threats. Usually TrustNinja is manually installed from a malicious site that advertises rogues. After installation, TrustNinja will display fake infection notifications and conduct system scans that return bogus results.

In non-techie terms:
TrustNinja is not a tool that you should ever use for fixing security issues or optimizing your system. TrustNinja may load at startup to only annoy you through its devious actions. Do not fall for these tricks, remove TrustNinja and avoid spending your money on the full version of TrustNinja because it will not do anything good for your system.

Aliases: TrustNinja, Trust Ninja.