Trojan.Vundo Removal Guide

Do you know what Trojan.Vundo is?

Trojan.Vundo is a Trojan downloader that generates exaggerated pop-ups on your machine's screen. Trojan.Vundu uses all means necessary to install itself through browser security holes in your computer without your approval. Once Trojan.Vundo has been installed, it works on installing additional adware applications to threaten your security and privacy.

Non-Techie terms: Spyware makers create programs like Trojan.Vundo to extort money from you. Trojan.Vundo does not detect spyware. Trojan.Vundo is the spyware you should avoid and not give out any personal information.

  • Kristopher

    Great advice. FYI, if you are running McAfee, it takes a few reoots before you get the message "trojan vundo removed"