Trojandownloader.xs Removal Guide

Do you know what Trojandownloader.xs is?

Trojandownloader.xs or Trojan.Downloader.xs is known as a Trojan downloader that infiltrates computers with annoying popups with messages stating that there is a "security problem. Trojandownloader.xs on system". Trojandownloader.xs is a very bad Trojan to have on your computer. Trojandownloader.xs performs the task of manipulating your desktop changing colors of icons and backgrounds. Trojandownloader.xs is very aggressive and does not stop annoying computer users until it is completely removed.

Trojandownloader.xs has the possibility of taking over functions on your computer. Trojandownloader.xs displays red fonts across your desktop in an attempt to use its devious tactics of scaring computer users.

In non-techie terms: Trojandownloader.xs poses a serious threat to your computer and may render your system useless. Trojandownloader.xs like many other Trojan infections and has the potential of stealing your personal information and sending it to a remote hacker. It is a good suggestion to remove Trojandownloader.xs and all files associated with Trojandownloader.xs.

Aliases: Trojan.Downloader.xs, Trojandownloader.xs

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  • LT

    After I select yes for the registry clean up, I need to turn the computer off and on again, right? I am not prompted to replace any files after reboot. I do have a new SmitfraudFix folder on my desktop now. Any ideas. Thanks for the info by the way.

  • http://googlesearch Khabilah

    Thank you so much. I had done everything to try and remove this nasty thing. I used the automatic one and it worked like a dream. When I am able I will surely make a donation. I appreciate all your help.