Trojan - Win32/Qoologic Removal Guide

Do you know what Trojan - Win32/Qoologic is?

Trojan - Win32/Qoologic is Trojan that appears on fake warning messages distributed by trojan/spyware makers to promote rogue anti-spyware programs. Trojan - Win32/Qoologic can be found in several bogus video codecs used to view video files, especially with adult content. Trojan - Win32/Qoologic is not a virus by itself, however it distributes rogue anti-spyware programs such as Files Secure.

Trojan - Win32/Qoologic's fake warning message will constantly pop up on your screen and convince you that your computer is at risk. Trojan - Win32/Qoologic's fake warning message is intended to trick you into purchasing a full version of the rogue anti-spyware application. Once you click on the Trojan - Win32/Qoologic's fake alert message, you will be directed to Files Secures' home site (, or whatever rogue anti-spyware program's home site is popular among the spyware makers, to purchase the commercial version of the rogue anti-spyware program.

Trojan - Win32/Qoologic Fake Warning Message:

System Error!
Your PC is infected by trojan - Win32/Qoologic
It's dangerous for your system (critical files can be lost)!
Click OK to download the antispyware program to clean your system! (Recommended)

Trojan - Win32/Qoologic's error message is a crafty and scary approach that ultimately has you convinced that you have a spyware problem and that you need to download their rogue anti-spyware program. Do not fall under the trojan makers' tricks and do not download any program recommended on Trojan - Win32/Qoologic's fake warning message.

Aliases: Win32/TrojanDownloader.Qoologic, W32/Qoologic, Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Qoologic, Downloader.Win32.Qoologic.

In non-techie terms: Distributors of trojans conduct illicit installation methods to extort money from you. Trojan - Win32/Qoologic is no different than Zlob Trojan.

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  • bill

    Thanks very helpful

  • Mike

    Dear Spyware-Techie-Team! It was very helpful. The Win32/Qoologic was deleted! But I get a directory "SmitfraudFix" with any Windows programs on the desktop. What I must do with this programs? Thanks! Mike

  • Baburaj


    I used Automatic Removal Instructions.. It is really working fine.

    It s amazing!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks alot....

  • Ivan

    Really helpfull :) Thanks alot!

  • Richard Rogers

    My Grandson did this for me yesterday and it work perfectly, after I tried for 3 hours

  • Neil

    Although I was unable to put my laptop computer in "Safe" mode, I went ahead and followed your "Automatic Removal Instructions" anyway and everything appears to have worked as it should -- I no longer have that annoying popup! I had hoped the Webroot software I purchased would resolve this but, unfortunately, it did not. Thank you for making this free and easy!

  • Greg

    At 1st I thought that the SmitfraudFix could be more spy wear, but it appears to be legit and great.
    I ran it in safe mode and everything was fixed up nice.
    Thanks for the posting... amazing that you posted this on a Wed, I got infected on Friday and fixed my problem on a Sat... great timing!