Trojan.Tikuffed.Q Removal Guide

Do you know what Trojan.Tikuffed.Q is?

Trojan.Tikuffed.Q is a Trojan infection can seriously compromise your computer system. It can enter your PC behind your back and remain there hidden for a considerable amount of time. Trojans do not let you know when or how they infect you, so you may remain oblivious to the fact that something is wrong with your computer. However, during that period of time, Trojan.Tikuffed.Q can cause you a number of serious problems, because it successfully lowers your system security and exposes you to a number of dangerous infections.

The reason why Trojan.Tikuffed.Q can allow other malicious programs to enter your PC is the fact that it has backdoor qualities. It is known, because one of its aliases is Backdoor.Win32.VB!K. It means that Trojan.Tikuffed.Q connects to a remote server behind your back and informs the hacker behind this infection that yet another computer has been taken over. Then the Trojan receives configuration data and proceeds with compromising your computer even further.

The unfortunate thing is that sometimes users download Trojan.Tikuffed.Q themselves without even realizing it. Such Trojans often hide in corrupted or adware-related websites, waiting for a computer user to click on an advertisement that contains its installer file. Also, Trojan.Tikuffed.Q may be bundled with freeware that is available for download at a number of third party websites. Not to mention, that if you get infected with this malware, your personal information can also be stolen and later used in a number of illegal financial and marketing operations.

Therefore, by removing Trojan.Tikuffed.Q not only would you protect your system from harm, you would also avoid potential financial loss. Even though it is possible to delete the Trojan manually, you should not do that unless you are an experienced computer user. Manual removal requires precision and if you do something wrong, you can damage your operating system. Therefore, acquire a legitimate antimalware application that will scan your computer and remove Trojan.Tikuffed.Q for you automatically.

In non-techie terms:

Trojan.Tikuffed.Q is a computer infection that damages your operating system and makes it possible for other threats to enter your system as well. If you want to protect your PC from harm and avoid financial losses remove Trojan.Tikuffed.Q with a reliable computer security tool that will also protect you from similar infections.

Aliases: Trojan.Tikuffed.