Trojan.Redgamble Removal Guide

Do you know what Trojan.Redgamble is?

Trojan.Redgamble is a dangerous threat that my spy on the user while he plays online gambling games. More than that the malicious application may later send all gathered information to its creator’s server. To learn more about what information could be stolen or how the malware works you should continue reading the rest of this report. Needless to say, it is recommendable to erase this infection as soon as possible, which is why we will also discuss ways of how to eliminate Trojan.Redgamble. Besides, at the end of the article users will find instructions on how to delete the malware manually. It is essential to understand the Trojan could have many versions of it, and we cannot guarantee the given instructions will work in all cases. Therefore, it might be safer to get rid of it with the help of a reputable antimalware tool.

In most cases, threats like Trojan.Redgamble enter the system with bundled software installers received from untrustworthy websites, while clicking unreliable pop-up or other ads, or interacting with other suspicious content alike. For starters, would advise staying away from torrent and similar file-sharing web pages or sites distributing questionable freeware as such websites can offer installers bundled with various malicious applications. Naturally, if you see an advertisement coming from an unknown source or promoting content raising suspicion, you should try to ignore your curiosity and leave it be. Sadly, opening an infected file could be enough to get your system infected, so even a small mistake might do a lot of harm. Additionally, we recommend strengthening the computer by installing a reputable antimalware tool. Such software could warn you about various potentially dangerous content and so help you prevent it from settling on the system.

Trojan.Redgamble settles in by creating a Registry entry in the HKEY_userS\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run directory as well as a lot of folders with specific data in the C:\Program Files location. The mentioned Registry entry allows the malicious application to auto start with the operating system, even though the user might not even notice the malware’s presence. Once launched the infection is supposed to wait until the user visits gambling web pages. Apparently, it can steal information like the game channel or game room title the user enters. Also, Trojan.Redgamble should the game type, server, and user’s game information. In fact, the threat might be able to make screenshots of the game as well. Such information could be misused in various ways, and so we recommend removing the malicious application immediately.

To stop the malware from spying on you, it needs to be deleted. One way to deal with it is to locate all data belonging to it and erase it manually. The instructions showing how you could achieve this are found in the removal guide placed below the text. Nonetheless, keep it in might be easier and safe to leave this task to a reputable antimalware tool, so if you find the instructions a bit complicated or want to make sure Trojan.Redgamble gets eliminated permanently; we would recommend scanning the computer with a reputable antimalware tool too.

Eliminate Trojan.Redgamble

  1. Click Ctrl+Alt+Delete simultaneously.
  2. Pick Task Manager.
  3. Take a look at the Processes tab.
  4. Locate a process belonging to the malicious program.
  5. Mark this process and select the End Task button.
  6. Click Windows Key+E.
  7. Check these paths:
  8. See if you can locate the file launched before the computer got infected.
  9. Right-click this file and choose Delete.
  10. Navigate to the suggested path: C:\Program Files
  11. Locate the listed folders (inside of them there should be directories called GOSTOP or POKER):
  12. Right-click the listed malicious folders and select Delete.
  13. Leave File Explorer.
  14. Pres Windows Key+R.
  15. Type Regedit and choose OK.
  16. Go to this location: HKEY_userS\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
  17. Look for a value name titled SvcMicroAfters.
  18. Right-click this value name and press Delete.
  19. Exit Registry Editor.
  20. Empty Recycle bin.
  21. Restart the computer.

In non-techie terms:

Trojan.Redgamble is a malicious application used to steal information about the victim. In truth, the data it is designed to obtain is rather specific as the malware is only after information related to the user’s gaming habits on gambling web pages. Once the computer gets infected, the threat can collect this data on a daily bases since it can auto start with the operating system. Our computer security specialists say it is possible to get rid of the malicious application manually if you follow the removal guide available a bit above this text, although as explained in the report we cannot be one hundred percent sure it will work for all the versions it may have. Consequently, it might be easier to employ a reputable antimalware tool, perform a full system scan on it, and then erase the infection along with other potential threats by pressing the provided deletion button.