Trojan Makers Block PC Functions To Promote Rogue Anti-Spyware Programs

It seems that Trojan infections are starting to perform new actions when installing a fake anti-spyware application. From our many articles and removal guides[,] we have explained that rogue anti-spyware programs are sometimes installed or downloaded through a Trojan infection. Now with Internet users wizing up to the Trojan tricks, Trojan makers have tighten the lease on Users' computers by running files that prevent users from opening other programs or hiding the C: drive.

If Trojan infections continue performing these actions it will be very difficult for any spyware removal program or tool to identify the issue let alone remove the infection. This is big news and a very serious threat to all computers on the Internet. If this type of infection becomes widespread it will force many spyware and security vendors to revamp detection and removal procedures. Below is a list of the identified symptoms of this Trojans behavior.

Identified Symptoms of Trojan behavior:

  • You are not able to open any programs on your computer including spyware removal tools and your C: drive is hidden or not accessible.
  • You have more than one user logged on your computer where the second user performs unknown actions in the background without your permission.

What can you do if you encounter this type of Trojan infection?

Continual updates of your spyware or security software is always recommended. If you feel the need to download a new spyware removal program you may do so after you perform proper research.

You may utilize removal guides for current Trojan infections to ward off any other malicious files that may aide to the infection of new actions performed by this Trojan. Once we get more information we should be in position to provide additional assistance in removal of Trojans of this type.

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