Trojan.FakeSysdef Removal Guide

Do you know what Trojan.FakeSysdef is?

Trojan.FakeSysdef is a dangerous Trojan infection whose name is also used to refer to fake hard disk defragmentation programs. Once the threat enters the system through the system’s vulnerabilities, radical changes are made in the settings. The Trojan creates new registry entries, stops valid processes and introduces new ones resulting in a presentation of simulated interfaces that look like legitimate hard disk defragmentation programs. The aim of the threats is to convince you that your computer is suffering from a great number of system errors which will be fixed if you purchase the licensed version of the tool which is presented. Such infection has to be removed from the system immediately; otherwise you will not be able to use the PC properly.

Trojan.FakeSysdef is known to spread such fake hard disk defragmentation (HDD) programs as File Recovery, Smart HDD, Fake HDD and others. All of them do not present any true facts; instead, various problems related to the registry, hard drives and system performance are presented. The fake tool mimics scans and presents false positives which are supposed to prompt the user to buy the full version of the tool so that those simulated problems are fixed.

After removing Trojan.FakeSysdef, the non-existent system errors will disappear as well as the present system disorders caused by the threat. However, it will not be easy to remove the Trojan manually because its installer and other components can have random names. Moreover, a DLL file is injected in some processes which you think are legitimate. Consequently, we advise you against the manual removal of Trojan.FakeSysdef and recommend that you install SpyHunter.

SpyHunter is the best choice in this particular situation because it will inspect the whole system and identify malicious components which will be removed easily. If you want to remove Trojan.FakeSysdef and get rid of fake scans and pop-up alerts lying about the state of the system, install SpyHunter right now and have your PC protected.

In non-techie terms:

Trojan.FakeSysdef is a Trojan infection which can display interfaces of various fake hard disk defragmentation programs and trick you into acquiring its so-called full version which is said to be able to fix system problems. The Trojan impairs the system’s performance by injecting files in various processes. If you want to restore the system’s functionality, remove Trojan.FakeSysdef without delay.

Aliases: FakeSysdef.