Total Secure 2009 Removal Guide

Do you know what TotalSecure 2009 is?

Have you ever had several popups come up on your computer screen repeatedly that a parasite, Trojan or virus was found on your system and you must use a certain program to remove it? TotalSecure 2009 is one of those programs that cause these popups and is found to be a fake anti-spyware program that does not remove parasites, Trojans or viruses. If you have TotalSecure 2009 installed then you may get these popups or fake system alerts which can really annoy you.

So what exactly is the TotalSecure 2009 or Total Secure 2009 program? TotalSecure 2009 is a rogue anti-spyware program that uses popups or alert messages or system scans to scare computer users into thinking that they need to purchase the full TotalSecure 2009 to remove the parasites that it found on your system. The reality behind the scans and popups is that they are all bogus. What is also funny is TotalSecure 2009 will not remove a lick of spyware from your computer. After we took a close look at TotalSecure 2009 it was evident that it is a clone of the IEAntivirus or IE Antivirus group of fake anti-spyware programs including IE Antivirus 3.2, IE Antivirus 3.3, IE Antivirus 3.4, MalwareBell and IEDefender.

In non-techie terms: No matter what, do not trust the TotalSecure 2009 program or choose to purchase TotalSecure 2009. TotalSecure 2009 is not a good program to have installed on your computer and should be removed at your earliest convenience.

Aliases: TotalSecure2009, Total Secure 2009, Total-Secure-2009.

  • dane

    Well id just like to say a massive thank you for this information because that crappy total shite 2009 really peeved me of with its constant pop ups every time i opened a file (ie explorer) and drove me to the threshold of insanity until i found this handy little fix.

    For other visitors to this site id just like to say that this solution worked a treat for me, ie the TotalSecure2009 Automatic Removal Instructions just get the instructions follow them and you can open your files again without being nagged to buy the corrupt malicious software that is total secure 2009, you can rest easy now, the solution is here and it works.


  • wow

    this is great

  • tim

    I could not get this to work with XP 64 bit any ideas.
    Thanks Tim

  • NilsB7

    im trying this now on Windows XP x64
    stupid virus/trojan whatever, its annoying as hell