Total Vista Security Removal Guide

Do you know what is Total Vista Security?

Total Vista Security is known to be spread fast through a malicious website or download of a Trojan through a fake video codec or other malware. Total Vista Security will make use of a fake scan report as well as fake scan report results in order to try and convince you that you have all types of dangerous threats running on your machine. The main goal behind this is to make you very scared and then offer you the full version of Total Vista Security, for a small fee, which promises to remove these threats that don't actually exist.
In non-techie terms

Total Vista Security may cause your system to start becoming very strange. Total Vista Security may invade your privacy as well as change some of your system settings without your permission. One moment your computer will seem perfect and when you least expect it, it may seem like everything which could go wrong is. No matter what you do, never ever download, install or purchase anything which is related to the malicious Total Vista Security, as it will just keep bringing you more and more problems.

Aliases: TotalVistaSecurity, Total VistaSecurity, TotalVista Security.