Top Firefox Extensions

What are the best Firefox extensions?

Firefox allows users to add extensions to add to the functionality of your Firefox web browser. All extensions listed are from the Mozilla Firefox homepage and work with the Firefox web browser software. Discover new features to improve your productivity and security on the web by adding one of the top Firefox extensions.

PC Tip: Many Firefox extensions assist in adding extra security features to the Firefox web browser. The description of each extension should state if it is an added benefit for online security.

List of our Top 10 Firefox Extensions:

  1. StumbleUpon - The StumbleUpon extension allows you to channelsurf the best reviewed sites on the internet. It is a tool for reviewing and sharing good noteworthy sites with people that have similar interests.
  2. Image Zoom - Allows you to zoom in or zoom out on a web page for a customized viewing experience. If you ever have difficulty viewing a website due to the size of it's content you can easily zoom in on the fly with this extension. Allows zoom functions to be controlled from toolbar buttons, mouse buttons or scroll wheel.
  3. Snipshot - Snipshot enables a user to edit most images on a webpage with one right-click of the mouse. The Snipshot image editor edits JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF where you can resize, crop, rotate, or adjust the colors.
  4. Firefox Companion for Kodak EasyShare Gallery - This Firefox extension gives you the ability to organize and share photos within your browser. You can easily add and organize photos without leaving Firefox. This extension and service was co-developed by Kodak and includes other well known photo services.
  5. WOT - This is an interesting extension that helps users avoid websites that have bogus or unverified content. The extension does this by other users experiences and input on particular websites. It basically shows how much other users trust a given website. This can be and added security benefit for avoiding dangerous websites containing spyware and viruses.
  6. ReminderFox - This extension manages and displays ToDo's and reminders on a built in fully functional calendar system.
  7. BlueOrganizer - This is a smart browsing extension for personalizing and organizing objects such as movies, restaurants, or books from your favorite websites. BlueOrganizer allows you to instantly find information on your collected objects within Firefox.
  8. Gspace - The Gspace extension gives you the ability to use your Gmail account storage space for file storage. Gspace allows your Gmail to act as an online drive for uploading and accessing files online through Firefox.
  9. NoScript - NoScript allows Java, JavaScript and other executable programs to run from the trusted domains of your choice only. This extension adds to the security functionality of Firefox to create a safer environment when running scripts from websites.
  10. Skype Sidebar - The Skype Sidebar extension adds Skype's functionality to Firefox allowing users to chat, call, find, and add contacts listed in Skype.

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