ThinkPoint Removal Guide

Do you know what ThinkPoint is?

Most users will have heard about ThinkPoint by now. This rogue antispyware application is infamous in the online world as a sly operating and harmful rogue. It infects users’ PCs without their knowledge, and will leave a trail of devastation behind.

ThinkPoint symptoms have been reported as browser redirection, increased system malfunction and instability and the random occurrence of desktop items. This is not all as users will be harassed by ridiculous popup messages informing them of exaggerated security threats.

ThinkPoint will go on to inform them that the only to delete these infections will be to purchase the full version of ThinkPoint. Users will be wasting their money as all they will get after purchasing ThinkPoint is worthless software.

Never pay for any variation of ThinkPoint, and remove ThinkPoint from any infected PC as soon as possible. This is the only way PC owners will be able to gain control back of their systems again.

In non techie terms:

ThinkPoint is a scam selling fake security applications. Never pay for this software, and remove ThinkPoint from any system as soon as possible.

Aliases: Think Point.