The Rise of Cybercrime on Facebook and Twitter Explored - A Sophos Podcast

Listen to one of the latest Podcasts from security firm Sophos on Facebook and Twitter Cybercrime.

Sophos, an IT security and control firm, announced the publishing of a new podcast that discusses a new social networking epidemic where cybercriminals are abundantly using social sites such as Facebook and Twitter to spread malware.

Malware infections and cybercrime is a rising concern among thousands of computer users worldwide and even recently it has become a popular topic among Mac users as well. Social networks continue to be a big hit among many internet users where it allows people to connect and share life together over the waves of the internet. With any new and popular phenomenon comes the risks of criminals using it as a vehicle to commit crime. That is exactly what is happening among Facebook, Twitter and other popular social communities online.

The new Sophos podcast goes in-depth discussing the reason for cybercriminals choosing social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to commit cyber crimes. Graham Cluley is part of the discussion give us examples that may assist you from not becoming a victim of being hacked or attacked online if you use these popular social networks. One of the more popular examples given in the podcast includes the case where Barack Obama and Britney Spears's Twitter accounts were broke into.

I highly urge that you listen to the Sophos podcast if you are a user of Facebook or Twitter or you know someone who may use a similar social network. The podcast may be useful if you use any other social network as many of the tips apply to a wide array of social sites.

Listen too or download the Sophos podcast on "Cybercrime on Facebook and Twitter" here!
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Have you had any criminal activity against you when using Facebook or Twitter? Share your story with us so it may help others.