The Battle is being Lost: Cybercrime is Getting Out Of Control

During our economic slowdown more and more hackers are seeking desperate measures and seem to be committing cybercrime at an alarming rate

It may be getting to the point where the public is such in a frantic state that they fall victim to scams designed to use the failing economy as an attack angle. Law enforcement agencies are actually losing the battle to conquer cybercrime.

Every day I look at one of my primary email inboxes and I have to literally delete up to a hundred spam messages from the spam queue (messages thought to be spam). I see messages from penis enlargement pills to free $500 holiday gift cards. It seems more and more systems are being compromised such as in the case of the Srizbi Botnet. I even brought our reader's attention how spam is still increasing despite shutting down a main culprit that hosted botnets that send spam messages. It seems to be a never-ending battle.

I feel that we may become to get a hold of controlling a larger percentage of cybercrime. If hackers can dish it out then we just need more cyber police to patrol it. McAfee released an annual Virtual Criminology Report that noted that the number of compromised PCs used for sending out spam messages and facilitate online scams has quadrupled just in the last quarter of 2008. That is utterly disturbing and quite scary when you consider that you have an 11 year old child on the computer checking emails and social networks just about every day. I do not want my children to suffer because we did not take any action.

Cybercrime is almost like today's economy, if we do nothing now then we could be setting ourselves up for even greater disasters. While the cyber criminals are cashing in on computer users we face one of the highest jobless rates in several years. Surely we could put more people on a working force to fight cybercrime. Maybe cybercrime divisions need a bailout just like the Big 3 automakers in America?

This is my little known facts and opinions in regards to the current state of cybercrime becoming uncontrollable. What do you think should be done? We are all in this together in some way or form. What do you do at home to "protect" yourself?