Text Enhance Removal Guide

Do you know what Text Enhance is?

Text Enhance is an intext advertising platform that displays links within a text. The links are embedded in keywords on blog page, for example, and when you hover your cursor above the word, an advertisement shows up. Usually, the advertisement has nothing to do with the contents of the text. Instead of that, it is related to the keyword it is attached to. For example, if a word "race" is used, the advertisement might be displaying information on the oncoming race events.

A lot of users online have complained about having Text Enhance links on their blogs, even though they have not subscribed to the service. The official standpoint of Text Enhance is that the reason you are seeing these links is the fact that the owner of the website you're on or a "piece of software" on your system is inclined to offer you this service.

Text Enhance is not a malicious website, but the users are advised to be cautious about it, because it considers itself a plug-in even though it does not offer any kind of extension for download. Therefore, it is peculiar, what kind of software would offer you the service, if you haven't downloaded it yourself? It allows us to assume that Text Enhance can be use by third parties for purposes other than legal advertising.

In the end, if the Text Enhance service is misused, you might get infected with malware. Nevertheless, Text Enhance is a legal program, and rather than being dangerous it could be simply annoying. If you wish to remove Text Enhance from your page and computer, you need to detect the software within your system that causes these links to be displayed. Download SpyHunter to perform a full system scan and see whether you have any suspicious files installed. SpyHunter will also delete Text Enhance for you if you want.

In non-techie terms:

Although some blogs call Text Enhance a browser hijacker, it is a legitimate website that offers in-text advertisement service. Be cautious about the advertisements displayed by Text Enhance, and acquire a reliable computer security product if you wish to delete Text Enhance from the system for good.

Aliases: TextEnhance.