TeamViewer Tracer.exe Removal Guide

Do you know what TeamViewer_Tracer.exe is?

TeamViewer_Tracer.exe is a malicious file that is categorized as a Trojan, a clandestine piece of software that poses as something else to carry out malicious processes. As you can see, the file takes on the name of a popular application, TeamViewer, that is designed to enable remote access between operating systems. If this software is active on your operating system, you might mistake the malicious file for a legitimate one. Obviously, if this software does not exist, you should be able to identify it as an unrecognized object. If you have no idea what this file is or why you should delete it, you must read this report, and you should do that right away. Even if you believe that you know all of the reasons for removing TeamViewer_Tracer.exe from your Windows operating system, you might find new information.

The devious TeamViewer_Tracer.exe can be identified by many different names, one of which is “Dapato” (Trojan.Dropper.Dapato). This malicious file can be spread in many different ways, and our research team warns that it can hide within malicious downloaders and spam emails. It could also be represented via unreliable websites that might represent pornographic content or pirated files. TeamViewer_Tracer.exe relies on stealthiness when entering your operating system to ensure that you do not notice and delete it before it can act in a harmful manner. If you are reading this report, the chances are that you have already found this malicious .exe file. While you should not postpone the removal of this Trojan, you should scan your operating system when you detect it because the chances are that other pieces of malware are present as well. If they are, you need to make sure that you delete them as well.

If TeamViewer_Tracer.exe is executed on your PC, it adds a RUN entry to the Windows Registry to ensure that the file starts working on every startup. The main task for this infection is to create a security backdoor by enabling remote access. It can execute built-in commands to the remote server to ensure that cyber criminals can take full control without your notice. It is possible that TeamViewer_Tracer.exe can be used for the collection of data, and it might include personally-identifiable information as well. Also, the infected computer could become part of a botnet, so that cyber crooks could perform malicious activity in an easier manner. In this case, you own computer could be used to send spam emails, conduct DDoS attacks, etc. Unfortunately, even when that happens, you might not notice it. While it is possible to track malicious commands using system process monitoring software, regular users, of course, do not do use it.

If you have found TeamViewer_Tracer.exe, you can check its signature. Right-click the file, select “Properties,” and check if the file is signed by DELTA-STROI. If you find this signature, you can delete the file without any fear of compromising the original TeamViewer files (if this program is installed). According to our research, the file should be placed in the %ALLUSERSPROFILE% folder, but we cannot guarantee this. If you cannot find the file, we advise utilizing an automated malware remover. It will immediately erase the malicious .exe file along with all malicious files that might have been downloaded along with it or using it. You should consider using anti-malware software because it can erase existing malicious threats, as well as protect your vulnerable operating system against the infiltration of others.

Remove TeamViewer_Tracer.exe

  1. Simultaneously tap Win+E to launch Windows Explorer.
  2. Enter %ALLUSERSPROFILE% (enter %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\ if you are on Windows XP) into the bar at the top to access the folder.
  3. Right-click and Delete the file named teamviewer_tracer.exe.
  4. Empty Recycle Bin.
  5. Perform a full system scan to check for potential leftovers that you might have to remove as well.

In non-techie terms:

Considering that it is hard to detect TeamViewer_Tracer.exe if you do not perform regular system scam, the chances are that your operating system has already been exploited in some malicious manner. To stop all malicious activity, you need to delete TeamViewer_Tracer.exe as soon as possible. This malicious file tries to conceal itself using the reputable name of TeamViewer, but you can check the file’s signature to see if it authentic or not. The malicious one should be signed by DELTA-STROI. You can use the guide above to remove the malicious file manually, but we strongly recommend employing anti-malware software because other threats are likely to be active, and a reliable anti-malware tool will get rid of them simultaneously.