Team Anonymous Brazil Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what Team Anonymous Brazil Ransomware is?

Team Anonymous Brazil Ransomware is a malicious infection that appears to have been created to terrorize Windows users in Brazil. The developer behind this devious ransomware might spread it in several different ways, and you could, for example, execute it by opening a spam email attachment. It could also be dropped onto your computer without your involvement at all. Unfortunately, it is hard to say how the threat accessed your operating system or where you can find its launcher. Of course, if you know where it is, you want to delete it as soon as you are done reading this report. Note that once you remove Team Anonymous Brazil Ransomware, your files will NOT be decrypted. Although the victims of ransomware infections usually can do nothing to recover their files, you might be in a different situation with this malware. Our research team suggests applying a special password (the ransom note of the infection displays a field for a password) to recover files.

Download file with a password to recover the files corrupted by Team Anonymous Brazil Ransomware:

Unlock code

Once the malicious Team Anonymous Brazil Ransomware invades the operating system, it is quick to encrypt your files, which it can do using an encryption algorithm. In most cases, these algorithms are too complicated to crack, and even expert malware researchers and file decryption software cannot fix things. The encryption is performed in a silent manner so that the victim would not stop the process. Most likely, you have discovered Team Anonymous Brazil Ransomware only after your files were encrypted and the “.qwerty” extension was attached to their names. According to our research, the devious ransomware should corrupt files only in %USERPROFILE%\Desktop, %USERPROFILE%\Music, %USERPROFILE%\Personal, %USERPROFILE%\Pictures, and %USERPROFILE%\Recent directories. Though the infection does not go after every single personal file on your operating system, it certainly could do some damage, just so that cyber criminals could get a chance to make you pay a ransom. You should not focus on paying it. You should focus on deleting the ransomware!

The ransom note is represented via a window named “Aguarde…” The text, of course, is represented in Portuguese so that the target would understand what is asked of them. The ransom note declares that files cannot be accessed until a ransom is paid for a password. The price of the ransom is 0.05 Bitcoins (~$420 USD), and it must be transferred to 15tGsTDLMztrxP1kCoKPBTaBgv1xCKRtkY. So, what happens when you pay the huge ransom? The creators of Team Anonymous Brazil Ransomware can successfully take out the money and transfer it into a different account to stay anonymous. Then, they are likely to move on to another victim, and, of course giving you a password and helping you decrypt your files is not on their agenda. Despite that, if the encrypted files are important for the victim, they could be tricked into paying the ransom and expecting the password via the telegram. Do not bother waiting for this to happen. Instead, apply the password shown above, and then quickly delete Team Anonymous Brazil Ransomware from your operating system.

The instructions available below are not very concrete. That is because we can only guess where the launcher of Team Anonymous Brazil Ransomware is. Hopefully, you can find it on your own, and you can successfully delete it yourself. Nonetheless, if that is not possible in your situation, you should not panic because reliable anti-malware software can be exceptionally helpful. Besides automatically deleting Team Anonymous Brazil Ransomware, this software will also take care of any other threats that might be active, and your operating system will gain reliable protection, which, needless to say, is the most important thing if you want to avoid facing malware in the future.
Remove Team Anonymous Brazil Ransomware

Check %USERPROFILE%\Desktop, %USERPROFILE%\Downloads, and %TEMP% directories for the {random name}.exe file that is the launcher of the ransomware.
If you find the file, right-click and Delete it.
Empty Recycle Bin.
Perform a full system scan using a legitimate malware scanner to check if you operating system is completely clean or if you still need to delete something.

In non-techie terms:

Although the malicious Team Anonymous Brazil Ransomware displays a ransom note that suggests that recovering files is possible only if you pay a ransom of 0.05 Bitcoin, you should not pay any attention to this demand. The password represented above should help you restore files in case the devious infection slithers in and encrypts personal data. Even if that does not happen – which could be the case if the threat evolves and is upgraded – you do not want to pay the ransom because that would not be converted to a password anyway. Cyber criminals are malicious and misguiding, and trusting their direction and promises is not recommended. If you are able to remove Team Anonymous Brazil Ransomware manually, do not forget that you still need to figure out your system’s protection. If manual removal is not possible, install anti-malware software that will simultaneously clean the system and protect it against malicious threats in the future.