Tanspy Trojan Removal Guide

Do you know what Tanspy Trojan is?

Tanspy Trojan is an infection that may attempt to steal your password and other personal information. Tanspy Trojan is a keylogger that can log your key strokes in order to obtain your password to an important program or account access.

Users may be infected by Tanspy Trojan by porn and P2P sites as well as any browser helper objects that are downloaded and installed. A users system may slow down drastically and give users the dreadful blue screen of death if infected with Tanspy Trojan.

In non-techie terms: Tanspy Trojan like other parasite infections are sometimes contracted through P2P or porn websites. Tanspy Trojan may infect your system by the download of files designed to add new features to your web browser program. It is always a good practice to be cautious when downloading or surfing any suspicious looking program or website. Porn and P2P site surfing should be limited to reduce the risk of getting an infection such as Tanspy Trojan.

Aliases: Adware-BHO.dr, Proxy-Agent.o, Infostealer.Bzup

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