System Smart Security Removal Guide

Do you know what System Smart Security is?

System Smart Security says that it can offer the Ultimate protection from computers viruses and parasites. However, this program is a rogue antispyware which is a dangerous threat itself. The fact, that the rogue disguises itself as a useful program means that it might be difficult to recognize the malicious intent behind the application at first. System Smart Security is a clone of other notorious rogues, such as Best Malware Protection, Internet Security Essentials, Internet Antivirus 2011 and the like. With this kind of dark background it is obvious that System Smart Security is up to no good.

The reason why this rogue is so good at infecting many computers is that it has a wide distribution network. System Smart Security can come to you via spam email or fake online malware scanners. Usually spam email is filtered and sent to Junk box, but some of the messages might get through the filter and land into your main inbox. Messages from unknown senders with attachments are the most suspicious, but sometimes you might get infected messages from someone from your contact list, if your friend’s account has been hacked. The key thing in such situation is to avoid download the attachments or clicking on random links in the messages, because they might lead to an infected site, distributing System Smart Security.

However, if unfortunately you have this rogue installed in your system, then prepare to battle with it seriously. When System Smart Security is up and ready to go, it delivers a bunch of fake security notifications, ‘informing’ you that someone or something is attempting to steal your identity. Then the System Smart Security’s screen might pop up, performing a full system “scan”. Take notice that the rogue’s interface is copying the layout of Windows XP Explorer, and in a way it should persuade the user that the program is reliable, but it is not. System Smart Security is a thief which targets your money, so you should NOT by any means provide this rogue with your credit card information and other important data, because then the criminals behind this scam would be able to access your bank account anytime.

Despite the fact that the Trojans and other parasites “detected” by System Smart Security are real, they do not reside in your computer and you must close the application, and then delete it immediately. It is easier to erase System Smart Security from your computer if you have it “activated”. Don’t pay for the activation! Use this code to do it:


If you have “activated” the program, now take your time to remove it. Dealing with the rogue manually might a bit too much of a task for a non-experienced person, so it is usually recommended acquiring a good antimalware scanner, which will take care of System Smart Security for you automatically.

In non-techie terms:

System Smart Security is a dangerous rogue antispyware which damages your system and wants to steal your money. If you want to keep your computer safe and sound, remove System Smart Security from your system as soon as possible.

Aliases: SystemSmartSecurity.