System Repair Removal Guide

Do you know what System Repair is?

System Repair is a dangerous software application which should not be in your computer by any means. It is a fake system optimization program which comes from the same nest of rogue as System Restore, Windows Diagnostic and Windows Repair. This kind of rogue software is designed to look and behave exactly like a legitimate system defragmentation or optimization tool, copying and acquiring the looks of a legal Windows supplement.

Perhaps you do apply various safety measures when you are browsing the Internet in order to avoid being infected with various malware, but with System Repair sometimes you might simply be out of luck. This rogue is distributed via fake online malware scanners and from time to time you might click on it without even realizing it. One single click is all you need to get infected with System Repair. And when you get infected, the rogue will try its best to convince that your computer is not functioning properly, and you need to optimize your system using none the other but System Repair.

When this rogue is installed in your system, it loads automatically and performs a fake system scan. During the “scan” it detects 11 or so errors relating to your hard drive and memory. For example, it says that “Hard drive doesn’t respond to system commands” and this message is indicated as Critical Error. Also, a “problem detected while reading boot operating system files” is a cluster of words which refer to a problem that does not exist as well. Think about it, if any of these errors were present in your computer, you would not be able to operate it all. Hard drive errors are very serious and when they occur, it is impossible to load your computer.

It only proves that System Repair must be removed from your computer. Don’t forget that is after your money, and if you activate the so-called “advanced module” you will reveal your banking information the third parties. After that cyber criminals will be able to access your bank account anytime. Therefore you must close System Repair’s purchase page and get rid of this rogue once and for all.

In non-techie terms:

System Repair is a malicious program which pretends to be a useful application. It tries to convince you that there are a lot of errors in your computer so that you would pay for the full version of this absolutely worthless program. Remove System Repair from your computer immediately and safeguard it against any future malware attacks.

Aliases: SystemRepair.