System Protection Tools Removal Guide

Do you know what System Protection Tools is?

You should remove System Protection Tools at once, because it is a fictitious application. It pretends that it is able to detect and delete infections but, in fact, it cannot. System Protection Tools is a copy of such infections as Best Antivirus Software, Advanced Antispyware Solution and other malicious applications. As none of the rogues is reliable, you should get rid of System Protection Tools as well if you notice it. If you have this pest on your computer, you will notice that the rogue attempts to lure you into believing that the system is badly infected and that you should acquire its fake full version. The malware uses imaginary scans and fake threats to make you believe in the vulnerability of the system. Moreover, the malware will produce bogus errors, which are not easy to get rid of. As the application is simulated, you should ignore the content of information you get from the rogue. Note how the rogue might try to deceive you:

is suspected to have infected your PC.
This type of virus intercepts entered data and transmits it to a remote server

System alert
System Protection Tools has detected potentially harmful software in
your system. It is strongly recommended that you register
System Protection Tools to remove all found threats immediately.

Please click “Remove all” button to erase all infected files and protect your PC.

Warning! Virus detected

Ignore theses and other messages, because such threats as Trojan-PSW.Win32.Antigen.a or Lsas.Trojan-Spy.DOS.Keycopy do not exist in the system. As your system might be clean, the rogue has to detect something in order to scare you. Therefore, it uses its own files created after the installation. Do not try to find and remove these infections, because they do not exist as such; moreover, you might delete relevant files of the system and impair the functionality of the system.

Additionally, System Protection Tools might disable your Internet connection and block certain Windows applications. This is done to scare you and make you pay money for the imaginary full version. As it was said before, you should not trust this application. You should simply remove it.

To facilitate the removal of the rogue, you need to activate it by using an activation key. The key will enable you to delete the rogue manually, because it start running as thought the infections were removed, and no bogus messages are displayed. Hence, you have to terminate the processes of the rogue, delete the registry entries and files created by Security Protection Tools.


For those who do not trust their abilities to remove the malware on their own an automatic removal of the rogue is an option. All that is needed is a reliable antispyware application capable of deleting the pest. Antispyware detects the elements of the infection and deletes them without any damage caused to the system.In non-techie terms:

Remove System Protection Tools because it seeks to trick you. The criminals behind the rogue need your money, and you should not trust the information provided by the rogue.

Aliases: SystemProtectionTools