System Care Antivirus Virus Removal Guide

Do you know what System Care Antivirus Virus is?

Schemers who stand behind the infamous WinWebSec family have released a new fake anti-virus tool System Care Antivirus. The malicious program is proliferated into unguarded Windows systems using such security vulnerabilities as fake video codecs and spam email attachments; however, it can also be downloaded if your personal computer is already infected by clandestine Trojans or ZeroAccess rootkit. The malicious application uses scare tactics and fictitious information to trick oblivious Windows users into thinking that their systems are infected with Win32.BlackMail.xx, Win32.PerFiler and similar PC threats presented within the rogue scanner. Unfortunately, many computer users fail to recognize the required System Care Antivirus removal and pay money for its full version tool which supposedly can delete computer infections. This is the biggest mistake because the seemingly legitimate antispyware is malicious itself.

The devious rogue uses the same attack methods as its previous clones AVASoft Professional Antivirus, Disk Antivirus Professional or Live Security Program. Even though the clandestine infection mimics the interface of these fake AVs, it resembles an authentic security tool, which is why Windows users often mistake it for a real anti-spyware. This is the second mistake because trusting the interface might lead you to trusting the presented information. You should be most cautious about the pop-up alerts which will keep flooding your screen until you delete System Care Antivirus. Here are a few examples:

System Care Antivirus Warning
Intercepting programs that may compromise your privacy and harm your system have been detected on your PC.
Click here to remove them immediately with System Care Antivirus.
System Care Antivirus Virus Removal GuideSystem Care Antivirus Virus screenshot
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System Care Antivirus Warning
Your PC is still infected with dangerous viruses. Activate antivirus protection to prevent data loss and avoid the theft of your credit card details.
Click here to activate protection.

As you can see, these alerts are meant to convince you to activate the full version of the fictitious malware detection/removal tool. Unfortunately, schemers can set malignant rogue’s components to remove access to the Task Manager and Registry Editor utilities, restrict the running of executable files and even block Internet connection. If this activity does not fool you into thinking that your PC is truly infected with the presented infections, it will certainly aggravate manual removal procedures. To disable these symptoms, you can apply a special activation key. This will help you perform manual removal or install automatic spyware removal software.

Activation key: AA39754E-715219CE

Note that manual System Care Antivirus removal is exceptionally complicated and only experienced Windows users should perform this task. We recommend using automatic removal tool SpyHunter because it can find and delete all of the existing infections. To acquire this tool – click on the download button.

In non-techie terms:

System Care Antivirus is a malicious rogue anti-spyware tool which uses deception to trick gullible Windows users into purchasing the full version of a completely bogus malware removal tool. If you notice this infection on the PC, you should delete it without further delay. Needless to say, to prevent similar infections from targeting your Windows system, you should implement authentic security software.

Aliases: SystemCareAntivirus.