System Activation Key Has Expired Removal Guide

Do you know what System Activation Key Has Expired is?

System Activation Key Has Expired is a fake alert that should claim your System Activation Key has expired and urge you to call for technical support. According to the findings of our computer security specialists, the fictitious warning could enter the system with the help of adware or other threats alike. It might look rather convincing if you have never encountered technical scams before. Nonetheless, the fact the pop-up is asking to call for technical support should seem somewhat suspicious as nowadays many technical support tips are available online, although in some cases users can contact the service providers via email. Therefore, we advise users not to fall for the System Activation Key Has Expired fake alert and to make sure it does not come back; it would be advisable to either follow the removal guide available below or use an antimalware tool of your choice. As you continue reading the text, we will provide more information about the fictitious warning’s distribution, risks of interacting with it, its deletion, etc.

Our computer security specialists think the System Activation Key Has Expired fake alert might enter the system together with adware, potentially unwanted programs, and other threats. Such software can be downloaded after clicking suspicious pop-ups, fake banners, visiting various file-sharing web pages, and so on. Either way whatever the threat is that allowed the fake warning appear it should be something you acquired recently. No doubt, if you wish to keep away from similar situations in the future, you should watch out for untrustworthy software. It might also help to employ a reputable antimalware tool as it could help you recognize possibly dangerous software or even stop it from harming the system.

As usual for such technical support scams, the System Activation Key Has Expired fictitious pop-up should try to convince the user there is some malicious application on the system and that hackers could steal lots of his personal data. On top of it, the warning may claim the System’s Activation Key is no longer valid. As a solution, the alert might ask to prove the user his identity by submitting his password. Doing so might be extremely risky as the threat’s developers could steal such information. They could also try to take user’s actual Activation Key by asking to insert it for one of the steps to reactivate it again. Needless to say, providing it would be most unwise too. Lastly, the System Activation Key Has Expired fake pop-up might show particular telephone numbers and urge the user to call them for technical support. At this point, it is essential to understand, the people who may answer could be hackers, and there are a lot of ways they could scam the user, e.g., ask for sensitive data, advise purchasing overpriced software, suggest downloading malware, and so on.

To get rid of the System Activation Key Has Expired fake alert manually users could try to reset the browser. Additionally, it is advisable to check the system and see if there are no other possibly dangerous tool installed on it as it is believed the warning could travel with adware. If it sounds a bit too difficult or the pop-up keeps coming back, it might be best to leave this task to a reputable antimalware tool.

Eliminate System Activation Key Has Expired

Reset affected browser

Internet Explorer

  1. Tap Alt+X.
  2. Navigate to Internet Options.
  3. Open the Advanced tab and press Reset.
  4. Click Delete personal settings, press Reset again, and click Close.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click the Help icon.
  2. Go to Troubleshooting information.
  3. Pick Refresh Firefox, press Refresh Firefox again, and tap Finish.

Google Chrome

  1. Press Alt+F.
  2. Select Settings and scroll below.
  3. Choose Advanced and slide down once more.
  4. Tap Reset and select the Reset button.

Erase threats that might be related to System Activation Key Has Expired alert

Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7

  1. Navigate to the Start menu.
  2. Access the Control Panel.
  3. Pick either Uninstall a program or Add or Remove Programs.
  4. Click the suspicious tool and select Uninstall.

Windows 8/Windows 10

  1. Tap Windows key+R.
  2. Insert Control Panel and press OK.
  3. Choose Uninstall a program.
  4. Select the unwanted program and press Uninstall.

In non-techie terms:

System Activation Key Has Expired is a fictitious pop-up pretending to be from the computer’s system. It may claim the user’s Activation Key has expired and could ask him to contact the technical support, insert sensitive data, and so on. The principal risks of interacting with the fake alert are the user could accidentally reveal his password or personal data alike to hackers, get scammed over the telephone, etc. This is why it is highly recommendable to ignore the message written on the pop-up. However, you should not ignore the warning itself. Its appearance might be connected to some recently installed threat. Thus, once you get rid of the fake warning with the removal guide available a bit above this text, you should search the system for potential threats. If these tasks sound a bit too complicated keep it in mind you can also acquire a reputable antimalware tool, scan the computer with it, and then press the deletion button to erase all detections at once.