Survey Reveals Parents Not Being Proactive About Online Security

Parents Not Doing Enough to Prevent Kids from Become an Online Predator or Cybercrook Victim.

A new nationwide survey was conducted by CA, Inc. revealing that parents are not monitoring their kid's online activity nor being proactive when it comes to online security. Less than half of the parents who took the survey were reported to be monitoring their teen children. From the vast amount of social networks to online chatting, kids are utilizing these online tools to communicate with unknown persons and unsecure networks which could be a serious security risk to you and your child.

Let's face it, there are many online creeps and criminals looking for their next victim who may not know that they are being targeted. The reality is, everyone is a target. CA, Inc., an Information Technology Management company, conducted its survey showing 90 percent of American adults are concerned about the safety of personal information online. On the other side of the spectrum are kids of these very same adults. It seems the adults, although concerned about their online safety, have not taken the proper actions to monitor their kid's online activities. About 87 percent of teens are using social networks online. Of that 87 percent, 38 percent of them post their education info, 32 percent post their email address, 28 percent disclose their birthdates and about 19 percent display their full name online. With enough information at his or her disposal, an online predator would not have many roadblocks to overcome if they were looking for their next young victim of identity theft.

I am sure none of us want to see our kids portrayed on dateline as a compromised victim where a predator is at your front doorstep. The good side of this study is that around 91 percent of parents have actually spoken to their kids about talking to strangers online or on social networks. 88 percent of the parents have discussed the consequences and risk involved with visiting inappropriate web sites and 85 percent have lectured about protecting personal information on social networking sites. The unfortunate pitfall of the talks and lectures is the parents are not following up or following through with the "talk". Talk without actions can be the determining factor whither your child becomes the next victim.

What should parents do?

It is suggested that you take the proper actions in protecting all computers in the household that have internet access with security software, monitoring programs and firewall applications. Software alone cannot full-proof anything, you will have to initiate action to be in-the-know of your child's online activities from social networking to surfing the internet. A proactive role will be the best solution and protection against cyber crime and online predators.

Have you counseled your kids on the dangers of disclosing personal information online or on social sites? Do you take proactive measures to monitor and console your kids in regards to online security? Do you think you are doing enough? We want to hear from you and know what is on your mind! Post your comments below.

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