Super AV Removal Guide

Do you know what Super AV is?

If you are in the market for a powerful and sophisticated security tool, then you need to steer well clear of Super AV. This rogue antispyware application derives from the same despicable family of rogues as Antivirii 2011, and is equally, if not more dangerous. The rogue security tool will use various nefarious tactics like misleading online malware scanners and hijacked websites to enter its victims’ PCs surreptitiously.

Super AV will of course do everything in its power to convince its victims of its legitimacy, but the truth is this rubbish security tool is not able to detect or remove any type of threat from the system as it is nothing more than a malicious rogue in itself. Once the rogue manages to securely root itself in the system it will start its attack against the PC by initiating a fake security scan of the system each time the user logs on to Windows. This fake security scan will inform the user that his PC is being attacked, and that the user needs to purchase Super AV in order to stave off these attacks.

Following the fake security alert, Super AV will start spamming the user with numerous falsely generated security messages which will also state the same as the fake security scan. Some of the false security messages to be on the lookout for reads as follows:

Super AV – Malware detected
Threats have been detected!
Warning! Some Serious threats have been detected to your computer, that need to be removed instantly or they may cause critical damage to your computer!
Super AV can remove these viruses easily, and prevent damage to your personal computer.
If you click “Remove viruses”, you can protect your computer from destruction, however, if you click “Continue unprotected, your identity may be compromised and you may lose all of your important files and experience system slowdown.

Your system is infected! Your computer is compromised by hackers, adware, malware and worms! Super AV can remove this infection. Please click this icon to remove threats

Symptoms associated with this rogue include users’ search sessions on Yahoo and Google being redirected to suspicious sites, as well as having their Desktop background images and homepages changed without their permission. Extremely poor system performance and increased erratic system performance was also noted. Disable these annoyances by entering the following activation key into the rogue:


This rogue is unable to live up to any of its promises, and will only cause more harm than good. Limit the damage it will cause and destroy Super AV before it’s too late. Do this by using the removal power of a genuine security tool to restore your PC’s security and privacy.

In non techie terms:

Super AV is a rubbish rogue application only out to rip you off. Don’t fall for its scam and delete Super AV immediately.

Aliases: SuperAV.

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