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What is RSS Feed?

RSS Feed is a certain type of technology that is used by millions of Internet users around the world to keep up on their favorite websites. It is an automated service designed to alert or notify you via a RSS reader or email of new activity or posts on any website that offers a feed. Many of us are use to adding links on our Favorites or Bookmarks folder. This required you to actually have to visit your favorite website from time-to-time to check for updates. Not anymore. You can simply subscribe to a sites' RSS feed so the updates are sent to you the instant a new post or update is created on your favorite site. Why look for information when it can come to you automatically without hardly any extra effort on your part?

How do you use RSS?

One way to utilize RSS feed is to get an RSS Reader. There are many services that offer free RSS readers such as Google Reader and Bloglines. Both of the readers provide the basic functions of displaying your LIVE Feed from all of your subscribed pages.

Another way of using RSS is through email. Several services offer RSS feed via email which is where updates of your favorite sites are sent to you in the form of email directly to your specified email address. This allows you to sit back and wait for the emails to roll in and read the latest updates on your favorite sites such as When we post the newest spyware threat you will know firsthand which gives you time to guard yourself accordingly.

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