SpywareSheriff Removal Guide

Do you know what SpywareSheriff is?

SpywareSheriff (Spyware Sheriff) is not your local friendly Sheriff but more like a criminal that is out to steal your money. SpywareSheriff is a fake anti-spyware program that promotes the purchase of a full version through exaggerated scan results and advertisements.

SpywareSheriff was discovered to change your web browser settings on it's own while running in the background undetected. Once SpywareSheriff is installed, either through a Trojan or the SpywareSheriff website, it has the potential for giving you the run-around by displaying numorous popups and ads. The over-all design of SpywareSheriff seems like it was meant to only take your money in return for a useless program because SpywareSheriff does not remove spyware or any other parasites.

Aliases: SpywareSheriff, Spyware Sheriff, Spyware-Sheriff.