Spyware Protection Removal Guide

Do you know what Spyware Protection is?

There are many reasons to avoid Spyware Protection rogue antispyware, not least because this insidious fake software will cause irreversible damage to your system in its campaign to extort money out of you. Not only does Spyware Protection maliciously take control of its victims’ PC once its infection spreads, but it emanates from the exact same family as well known and hotly despised rogues Win PC Defender, XP Police Antivirus and IE-Security. This should be reason enough why PC owners who value the safety and security of their systems will erase Spyware Protection immediately.

Spyware Protection makes use of various infection techniques, including seditious browser hijackers and bogus online malware scanners. These dangerous browser hijackers hijack users’ browsing and search sessions, and forcefully redirects them to compromised landing pages. Once there, the user’s system and browser vulnerabilities will instantly be compromised in order to allow access to the Spyware Protection Trojans. Spyware Protection also bundles its malware together with legitimate security updates and downloads obtained from third party websites.

What makes Spyware Protection even harder to detect is the fact that it will remain largely dormant until it launches its attack on the system. This will happen by Spyware Protection assailing the user with various fake security notifications. These fake alerts were designed with the sole purpose of creating panic among its victims, as well as placing Spyware Protection in an authoritative light with its victims. Do not act on any calls to action contained in these fake alerts, and accept all correspondence received from Spyware Protection as highly suspicious. Be on the lookout for the following bogus notifications:

Trojan detected!
A piece of malicious code was found in your system which can replicate itself if no action is taken. Click here to have your system cleaned by Spyware Protection

Firewall Warning
Hidden file transfer to remote host was detected.

Obviously none of these fake alerts can be trusted. Spyware Protection will not let up on its assault on the system. It will go on to systematically break down the inherent security features of the system, ultimately making the PC more susceptible to other serious infections. This is all done in an effort to extort money out of the user.

Users who did not remove Spyware Protection in time complained about increased erratic system behavior and poor system performance. Common symptoms of a Spyware Protection infection include the user being unable to launch any executables on his system, as well as being unable to connect to the Internet. Spyware Protection does this in an attempt to prevent the user from running or downloading any security software which will detect and obliterate Spyware Protection from the system. In order to “unlock” Spyware Protection from the system paste the following security key into Spyware Protection:


The threat has not yet been neutralized, as you still need to erase Spyware Protection from the system. Internet access and the ability to launch programs should now be restored on the PC. Download a genuine security tool which will eradicate Spyware Protection for good, and also protect against similar threats in future.

In non techie terms:

Spyware Protection is a fake antispyware application only interested in fleecing you out of your money. Do not pay for this scam and delete Spyware Protection without delay.

Aliases: SpywareProtection, Spyware Protection 2010, Spyware Protection 2009.