Spyware Preventer Removal Guide

Do you know what Spyware Preventer is?

Spyware Preventer is a corrupt security program that falsely claims to be a spyware removal utility. If you ever find yourself on the spywarepreventer.com home page it may be hard to believe that this site is pushing the fake anti-spyware program Spyware Preventer because the site looks like a normal software page. The reality behind spywarepreventer.com and the SpywarePreventer program is they both have malicious intents on scamming computer uses out of their money.

Spyware Preventer is not a "Spyware Preventer", more like a spyware nightmare. Spyware Preventer may not even install on your computer system but you should never attempt to do so.

In non-techie terms: Spyware Preventer is prone to displaying notifications once it is installed and may convince you that there is an infection present on your computer that must be removed by a purchase version of Spyware Preventer. Do not fall for this trick. Avoid purchasing Spyware Preventer no matter what.

Aliases: Spyware Preventer, SpywarePreventer, Spyware-Preventer, www.spywarepreventer.com.

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  • http://comcast.net Grace Brumskill

    These Hijackers, have also Hijacked AOL.com, to the point of taking my known contacts out of my address book. When I attempt to send my contacts, an email, I am told that that this person known address is not correct. I do a lot of gaming at Pogo.com, they have missed up that system, too. I signed into Comcast.net, several times tonight I could not get in without using yahoo.com. Comcast.net is my IP, what gives? What happened to America? On my computer, last year these things started when I kept getting a google.noresponse@google.com messages. I never ha an account with google.com, but they are a good search engine. FCC.gov, does not see what we see as consumers but you must continue to report to them. To stay on track, with what is going on.