Spyware Defender 2009 Removal Guide

Do you know what Spyware Defender 2009 is?

Spyware Defender 2009 is a malicious rogue antispyware application that will steal your money. Spyware Defender 2009 has been designed with the purpose of stealing your money. Spyware Defender 2009 will make use of a variety of tactics and tricks in order to try to convince you that you have malicious threats running on your computer system. Once you are entirely convinced, you will be offered the full version of Spyware Defender 2009 for a small fee, which promises to remove all of this threats.

In non-techie terms:
The truth of the matter, is that everything which is related to Spyware Defender 2009 is one false attempt in order to get you to part with your hard earned money. Spyware Defender 2009 will only cause you problems and nothing good will ever come from it. Don't believe the fake system scan, the fake system scan results or any of the computer security notifications.The truth of the matter is that the only real threat which you have on your machine which needs to be removed upon immediate detection is Spyware Defender 2009 itself.

Aliases: SpywareDefender2009, SpywareDefender 2009, Spyware Defender2009.