Spyware Crusade Removal Guide and Information

Do you know what Spyware Crusade is?

Spyware Crusade is a fake anti-spyware program that is capable of deceiving computer users to the point that they purchase a full version of Spyware Crusade to remove threats that it supposedly found. Spyware Crusade is not able to detect legitimate computer parasites nor will it remove them.

In non-techie terms:
The messages displayed by Spyware Crusade are usually popup notifications that attempt to warn computer users of a spyware infection. Each user that comes across Spyware Crusade must realize that those messages are fabricated. Spyware Crusade is not a trusted application for the detection and removal of spyware threats.

Aliases: Spyware Crusade, SpywareCrusade, Spyware-Crusade.