Spy-Rid Removal Guide

Do you know what Spy-Rid is?

Spy-Rid is a fake anti-spyware program designed to mask as a legitimate spyware removal tool. Spy-Rid has its own website with poor attempts to get users to download and purchase the Spy-Rid program. Once Spy-Rid is installed it may display exaggerated scan results of spyware parasites. If a user wants to remove the parasites that Spy-Rid supposedly found they must pay up. The payment system that Spy-Rid redirects users too is a scam also. The redirected payment site is bogus also and may be a way for hackers to steal your personal information.

In non-techie terms: Spy-Rid and the Spy-Rid website are designed by hackers to sucker users into purchasing the Spy-Rid software. Do not under any circumstances download, install, or purchase Spy-Rid.

Aliases: Spy-Rid

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