SpyGuarder Removal Guide

Do you know what SpyGuarder is?

SpyGuarder or Spy Guarder, is a dirty application that infiltrates your computer through a Trojan infection or browser security hole. SpyGuarder poses as a cleaner program for your computer but we discovered that it does nothing of that sort. SpyGuarder is known to annoy computer users with popups and system alert messages. SpyGuarder attempts to perform a system scan only to display exaggerated scan results. SpyGuarder performs these functions only to scare you into purchasing the full SpyGuarder program.

Having SpyGuarder on your computer is about as bad as deleting the windows folder on your hard drive, it will cause serious issues for you. SpyGuarder.com is a website that promotes and sells the SpyGuarder program. SpyGuarder.com should be avoided at all costs.

In non-techie terms: SpyGuarder is an outright scam and should not be trusted. If you have SpyGuarder installed on your system then you should take action immediately to remove it. SpyGuarder does nothing but waste your time and money if you choose to purchase this bogus program. SpyGuarder should not be downloaded or installed under any circumstances.

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Aliases: SpyGuarder, Spy Guarder, SpyGuarder 2.1, Spy Guarder 2.1, Spyguarder.com

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  • Jerry D

    Thank You, THANK You, THANK YOU!!!
    .. I apparently downloaded this NastyApp while surfing the web, half-asleep.
    When I returned to this PC the next, morning, there were 31 internet windows open, all telling me about my virus threat level...Funny, my own Virus suite showed everything was a-okay. Aside from my infinite gratitude to the genius(es?) that coded SmitfraudFix.exe, I would also like to inform you of my experience while "Spyguarder 2.1" was infiltrating my system:
    In addition to the affects that you describe above, I was unable to launch my task manager with the Ctrl-Alt-Delete command, I would receive a message: "Task Manager has been disbled by your Administrator". At that point I thought ...but I AM the Administrator!!! Additionally when I tried to view Local Drive C: in "My Computer" the C: drive and the D: drive (recovery partition), were both HIDDEN!!! At that point I did a hard shutdown of this PC and went to another in my home that was unaffected, and Googled "Spyguarder 2.1 Removal", which led me to your site. The procedure you outline was very easy to understand and execute, I applaud your accomplishment in making a seemingly complicated and daunting task, so effortless, granted after the cleaning was done I still needed to straighten other things out, some include: regional settings... when Spyguarder was active, my taskbar clock was in 24-hour mode, and displayed: "20:35:VIRUS ALERT!!!". All but the core desktop shortcuts were gone (luckily, my Program Files folder was untouched) so I just manually restored them, I also corrected my Internet Options. And finally, when I started my Virus Software Suite, it didn't display properly, I assumed it had been impacted in some way, so I deleted it using "Add/Delete Programs" and then downloaded and reinstalled the software from their site. All is back to nomal again, or I wouldn't have been able to type all of this out due to all of the pop-ups and other issues I was experiencing, which would have led to lock-up/hanging system-hard shutdown. I do have one question though..If I had actually purchased the Spyguarder license, would my credit account had been violated/maxed-out, or would the software have actually worked??? (I tend to think the former!). Thank You again for making the Digital world a little less scary!!
    I will return If I'm an idiot again, and click an alert that I don't quite recognize.
    Thanks again...
    Jerry D

  • A Very Happy Person

    You have no idea how glad i am for this article, its all gone now and Ive been trying to find out how to get rid of it on my own cause its so frekan annoying and than i found this page and the Manual Removal Instructions are defiantly the easy fast way to go, that you soo much!!!!!!