SoftStronghold Removal Guide

Do you know what SoftStronghold is?

SoftStronghold or Soft Stronghold, is another dangerous rogue that comes from the same family as the fake security programs called Soft Cop, Soft Soldier and others. SoftStronghold uses similar methods to get computer users to purchase a full version of the fake security program. This is usually done by SoftStronghold displaying several fake security alert messages and scanning the system only to return fake results.

In non-techie terms:
SoftStronghold cannot be trusted no matter what it claims it is able to do. The fact remains for rogue anti-spyware programs like SoftStronghold, they are complexly worthless and do not detect or remove computer parasites. SoftStronghold should be a priority for getting remove from your system before it is able to cause damage.

Aliases: SoftStronghold, Soft Stronghold, Soft-Stronghold.