Soft Cop Removal Guide

Do you know what Soft Cop is?

Soft Cop is a dangerous rogue anti-spyware application that uses fake system scan results and fabricated popup alert messages to scare computer users into purchasing a full version of the Soft Cop program. Soft Cop does not have the capability to detect or remove computer parasites. Once a system has Soft Cop installed on it, then it is susceptible to having Soft Cop scan the computer only to return fake results.

In non-techie terms:
Soft Cop is not a trusted security program. Because Soft Cop cannot detect and remove dangerous parasites including Trojans and spyware, you should never purchase it. Discontinue use of Soft Cop immediately and take the necessary precautions in removing it from your computer before damage is caused.

Aliases: Soft Cop, SoftCop.