Smitfraud Fix Tool Removal Guide and Information

Do you know what Smitfraud Fix Tool is?

Smitfraud Fix Toolis a rogue anti-spyware program not to be confused with the tool that is used to actually remove spyware parasites which is called "Smitfraudfix". Smitfraudfix and Smitfraud Fix Tool are very different. You must fully understand that hackers develop these fake ridiculous programs with names that are similar to a normal and reputable program.

Smitfraud Fix Tool or SmitfraudFixTool should not be trusted for removal of any kind of malware including spyware, rogue anti-spyware programs, viruses and even Trojans. Smitfraud Fix Tool is somewhat similar to many other rogue anti-spyware programs running lose over the internet in that it performs fake system scans may display popup alerts which are very annoying to have.

In non-techie terms:
Smitfraud Fix Tool May come from a Trojan such as Zlob where it could have been downloaded through a fake Video ActiveX Codec. The malicious website is known to advertise and sell the SmitfraudFixTool program. It is important to never confuse the two names, Smitfraud Fix Tool and the good program "Smitfraudfix". Do not waste your money on the Smitfraud Fix Tool program as it is pretty much useless. Smitfraudfix, on the other hand, is a free program that actually removes parasites such as Smitfraud Fix Tool. You can use Smitfraudfix to remove "Smitfraud Fix Tool" as demonstrated below.

Aliases: Smitfraud Fix Tool, SmitfraudFixTool.

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