Another Skype Security Issue Uncovered

New Skype Vulnerabilities Discovered

Using additional functions within the popular communication program Skype, can open up your computer to attacks. Skype has many features built into a good package but some of the functions such as the ability to search for videos, can cause problems.

Skype uses Internet Explorer to render HTML pages including video functions. This vulnerability was recently discovered in Skype through a search for videos function in the Skype application. The vulnerability is defined as Cross-Site Scripting or Cross-Zone Scripting because the script runs in Internet Explorer's Local Zone instead of Skype's internet zone.

What does all this mean if you use Skype?

Using Skype for other internet functions such as searching for videos through Skype's search functions may open your computer up for hacker attacks. Since this vulnerability discovery is so new the full extent of what damages this can cause has not been revealed.

Tip for Skype users: As of now it is best that you do not use the Skype search function to search for videos. Recently it was discovered, by the video example below, that a simple search for the term "calc test" in Skype's "Add video to chat" function brings up your calculator application automatically. This is a very scary if a search function can control programs on your computer. Users should be aware of the potential damage this vulnerability can cause.

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