Security Shield Pro 2011 Removal Guide

Do you know what Security Shield Pro 2011 is?

There are certain programs which are supposed to protect your computer from cyber threats, but Security Shield Pro 2011 is definitely not one of them. It is a rogue antispyware application and it enters your computer via another rogue, because it is an “update” to Security Shield. The only way to get Security Shield Pro 2011 is to buy a license for Security Shield, which you should never do by any means possible. Therefore, in order to protect yourself from this rogue, you need block Security Shield first and furthermost.

Security Shield can enter your computer with the use of Trojans. For example, sometimes the creators of rogue antispyware are using popular search keywords, which consequently make their infected sites appear at the top of the search results, even if their sites have nothing to do with the topic of the search. Either way, if the user happens to click on that site (which is easy, because some users just click onto every link at the top of the list), sometimes he doesn’t even need to click onto anything else. The moment the page loads, an automatic Trojan download might be initiated. When that Trojan roots into your computer it will connect to a remote server over the network and download Security Shield for you. And that is just one of the multiple ways how you can get infected.

Just like any other rogue infection this one also manifests in fake security alert messages and a fake system scan. In a sense, Security Shield tries to convince you that you have been assaulted by numerous parasites and you need to purchase the full license to get rid of them. If you pay for this rogue, the moment you “activate” it, Security Shield Pro 2011 is downloaded and installed. The fake security messages disappear and you are informed that the threats have been removed from your computer, but that is no where near the truth. Security Shield Pro 2011 IS the threat which you need to deal with as fast as you can, because if it stays in your computer any longer, you will never know when another attack will be launched against you, and this time you might not have to money to pay for it again, because after the first payment, your banking information has been revealed to the cyber criminals, and they can access your account anytime.

You must contact your credit card company and inform them about the illegal transactions, and only then you might expect to receive a refund. Also, don’t forget to get rid of Security Shield Pro 2011, because this rogue brings you nothing but harm.

In non-techie terms:

Security Shield Pro 2011 is a rogue antispyware application, which gets downloaded onto your computer the moment you “activate” Security Shield rogue antispyware. These malicious programs are there to lure as much money out of you as they can, so you must destroy Security Shield Pro 2011, before it gets any worse.

Aliases: Security Shield Pro.