Security Scanner Removal Guide

Do you know what Security Scanner is?

Security Scanner is a fraudulent computer security program that pretends it can save all your security-related problems while in fact it only wants your money. If Security Scanner is allowed to remain in your computer, it can cause an ultimate system crash. Therefore, you have to terminate Security Scanner as fast as you can, before this rogue tampered with your executables and your internet connection. That is right, the rogue is powerful enough to block your internet connection and it is of no surprise, because it is related to other notorious computer threat called Security Shield.

On the surface Security Scanner really looks like a computer security program, but other than that it is nothing but a rogue that uses all the usual rogue-related techniques to reach its goal. It will try to make you pay for the registration of the program, and you might forcefully redirected to, which is the website related to Security Scanner. If you delay the payment, Security Scanner will block your access to other websites, saying that they are infected and your system has to be protected. The rogue will actually say the same about your programs, blocking them and offering a lifetime computer security support if only you paid for the license:

"winword.exe" is infected with "Backdoor:Win32/Samsteal.A.dr".
Do you want to register your copy and remove all threats now?

Apart from that, Security Scanner also spams you with an endless flow of fake security notifications. They all practically deliver the same message – acquire a license or else:

Security Scanner Warning
Spyware.IEMonster process is found. This is virus that is trying to send your passwords from Internet browser (Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Outlook & others) for the third-parties.
Click here to protect your data with Security Scanner.

Security Scanner Warning
Harmful software have been detected at your PC.

Actually, even if you acquire the license, that will not save your computer. The rogue will still be there, while your bank account will be exposed to an illegal access by cyber criminals. Hence, you have to deal with it in another way. First of all, get through the fake messages and the blocks using this activation key:


It will make Security Scanner think that you have purchased the license and then you can go about the removal. You may do it manually, but if you are not sure about the whole procedure, better remove Security Scanner automatically with a trustworthy computer safeguard application that will save you time and nerves.

In non-techie terms:

Security Scanner is a fake antivirus program that wants to rip you off under the pretext that your computer needs to be cleaned off parasites. Do not trust this malicious program, because it is a dangerous malware that needs to be dealt with immediately. Terminate Security Scanner with a powerful security tool and make sure that this is the last time you get infected by this rogue.

Aliases: Security Scanner 2012, SecurityScanner.