Security Scanner 2008 Removal Guide

Do you know what Security Scanner 2008 is?

Security Scanner 2008 (SecurityScanner2008) is a rogue anti-spyware program that claims to be a spyware removal application but we find that it does not remove any spyware from in infected machine. Security Scanner 2008, once installed, performs automatic system scans that display fake results. In addition to the fake scan results, popup alerts are displayed as a scare tactic making you believe that you must purchase Security Scanner 2008 in order to remove the infections that it has alerted you of. Security Scanner 2008 may come directly from which is also known to sell the full version of Security Scanner 2008.

You may find yourself on a malicious site that SecurityScanner 2008 sends you too or even which should never be visited because it is part of the ultimate scheme of taking your money. Many fake anti-spyware programs such as Security Scanner 2008 have the ability to take over functions on your computer. You should never install or purchase Security Scanner 2008 under any circumstances.

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