Security Guard 2012 Removal Guide

Do you know what Security Guard 2012 is?

With all the fake security tools flooding the Internet, it has become much more difficult for users to identify rubbish rogues like Security Guard 2012. This harmful rogue antispyware application was designed specifically to act as a vehicle to for criminal developers to fleece honest, hardworking consumers out of their money while offering nothing of value in return.

Security Guard 2012 enters the system uninvited and will root itself securely before starting its attack. It does this by utilizing various infection tactics which encompass bogus online malware scanners and seditious browser hijacking websites. These browser hijackers employ drive-by download tactics to root the Security Guard 2012 infection into the system.

Once Security Guard 2012 is securely ingrained into the system it will generate a fake security scan which will inform the user that the system is being attacked by viruses, and that the user has to pay for Security Guard 2012’s products to ward off these attacks. This is completely fake and users should pay no heed to these scan results.

Shortly following this Security Guard 2012 will spam the user with fake security alerts also designed to further panic the user into paying for Security Guard 2012. Users are urged not to believe any correspondence received from the rogue, and to destroy Security Guard 2012 at the first opportunity.

Symptoms reported from victims of Security Guard 2012 include blocked Internet connections, inability to execute applications and extremely poor system performance. Others also complained about randomly generated and deleted Desktop items and increased erratic system behavior.

In order to regain full control of your system and to limit the damage this rubbish application will be able to cause, obliterate Security Guard 2012 immediately. This can best be achieved by using the removal power of a genuine and powerful security tool.

In non techie terms:

Security Guard 2012 is a fake security tool unable to live up to any of its promises. Take back what is rightfully yours and destroy Security Guard 2012 immediately.

Aliases: Security Guard.