Security Defender Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Software Guard is?

You might be always on the look for new security tools which would protect your computer from online threats, but if you happen to come across Security Defender, stay away from it. This program is nothing, but a rogue anti-spyware application, built with intention to trick you into believing it is a genuine security tool. It is also a clone of Antimalware Defender. In reality Security Defender is nothing, but a pesky parasite, roaming around the internet, eager to get into your system and exploit you. It will also cause detrimental damage to your computer, so terminate Security Defender once you detect it.

This rogue has its own tactics how to make use of naïve computer users. Normally, Security Defender demonstrates fake scan results and fake security alerts. The number of these alerts is hard to follow and it is done with intention to make you panic and think that your computer is at terrible risk. When you are in panic, it is a lot easier to make you purchase the worthless program.

Security Defender is usually distributed through insecure websites which host fake online malware scanners. These websites are good at confusing the users and making them believe they are infected. Once the fake scanner advertisement is done you are prompted to download the security tool, and this is when you get Security Defender into your system.

When the rogue is installed it changes your system configuration so that Security Defender starts automatically once you boot the Windows. Once initiated the rogue starts a fake scan of the system. The fake scan is carried out so that it looks like you are infected with various threats and if you want to remove them, the only way to do that through Security Defender is to purchase the full version of the program. Don’t be fooled. Neither the fake results of the scan, nor any of the numerous fake alerts are true. Ignore the suggestions you receive from Security Defender, so that you wouldn’t lose your hard earned money.

Be one step ahead of the malware; remove Security Defender from your computer. Don’t allow this rogue to cause any more damage. Be in control and terminate Security Defender immediately.

In non techie terms:

Security Defender is a fake security tool which pretends to be a reliable computer safety application. Get rid of it from your computer immediately, because it only wants to exploit you and damage your computer.

Aliases: SecurityDefender.