Secure Fighter Removal Guide

Secure Fighter is a misleading malware product that produces fake results in order to trick users into buying a full version. Secure Fighter or SecureFighter comes from the exact same family as SecuritySoldier, SecurityFighter, SaveArmor, SaveDefender, TrustWarrior, QuickHealCleaner, SoftSafeness, SafetyKeeper, BlockDefense, WiniFighter, SecureVeteran and SystemCop. Secure Fighter will present you with numerous amounts of fake system security notifications, these may even impersonate the Windows Security Center and state that your antivirus has been disabled. This is just a fake message and is not coming from Microsoft Windows at all but is rather coming from the malicious Secure Fighter itself. Secure Fighter may redirect your web browser to different sites. This means that while you are busy browsing the internet you will land on a page that you didn't intend on going to. If this happens to you, leave the site immediately as you shouldn't be anywhere other than where you where you are going. These websites may contain lots of advertisements and annoying pop up messages. Secure Fighter is so powerful that it is actually able to even block antivirus related websites. This means that even if you do figure out that your computer is infected with someone and wants to do download an antivirus program; it won't let you access the website. You need to get Secure Fighter off your system, as quickly as it got on. You can choose between the manual or automatic removal process, but we warned that the automatic removal process, is going to be a much safer and easier option.