SearchYa Toolbar Removal Guide

Do you know what SearchYa Toolbar is?

SearchYa Toolbar is a browser helper object that comes bundled with a list of freeware applications developed by third-parties. SearchYa Toolbar itself is product related to search engine, created by Ironsource Ltd. Although there is no definite proof that SearchYa Toolbar poses danger to your computer system, it exhibits an arbitrary behavior one would not expect from a useful toolbar.

For example, once it is installed SearchYa Toolbar changes your default homepage to Or, if you have a default search engine, SearchYa Toolbar will modify those settings to make SearchYa your default search engine. Now, there is also no definite proof that there is something awry with the SearchYa search engine. The search results that we get seem to be trustworthy and safe, although sometimes the user is redirected to commercial websites.

What is more, this adware application brings a lot of additional freeware with it, and we cannot be sure about its reliability. For example, SearchYa Toolbar automatically installs an FLV player without the user’s consent.

This toolbar can be found in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It gets installed onto Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, although Google Chrome does not sport the SearchYa Toolbar per se. All it gets is a Speed Dial 4.0 extension.

The biggest frustration induced by SearchYa Toolbar is not slow computer performance or random pop-up message – it is the virtual inability to remove it. SearchYa Toolbar does not have an Uninstall utility and Mozilla Firefox users are said to have extreme difficulties in removing SearchYa Toolbar manually.

However, a lot of users cannot get rid of SearchYa Toolbar on their own. Then these users need a program that can detect and remove SearchYa Toolbar automatically, treating it as an unwanted infection. The system security program of choice will also terminate other processes brought in by SearchYa Toolbar. Clean your computer before you are swarmed with unwanted software and random commercial ads.

In non-techie terms: SearchYa Toolbar is an undesirable browser helper object that installs a bunch of adware and then modifies Internet browser settings. A lot of users find this toolbar annoying and if you want to delete SearchYa Toolbar from your system, you need to acquire a reliable computer security program.

Aliases: RemoveSearchYaToolbar