Removal Guide

Do you know what is? is one more devious application that you need to remove if it is up and running on your PC. That is so because after its in-depth analysis our malware experts have classified it as one more browser hijacker. Just like any other devious application categorized as such, this one can act in an incredibly intrusive way. It can alter your web browser's default settings without any notification or authorization, which is annoying, to say the least. Due to such changes surfing the web the way you are used to will be impossible. Unfortunately, that is not the worst thing about this hijacker. As it turns out it could prove to be quite dangerous because it might subject your operating system to suspicious and even malicious web content. Learn more about the inner workings of this hijacker by reading the rest of our report. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive removal guide of that you should use without any hesitation if it is already active on your PC.

At the moment is only compatible with the Google Chrome browser. Even if you use another browser as your primary means to surf the web, you must know that developers of this browser hijacker could launch an updated version, which could prove to be fully compatible with other major web browsers. Overall the functionality of the hijacker in question is rather conventional in that sense that right upon intrusion its makes intrusive and unauthorized changes to files linked to the default settings of your web browser. Such modifications manifest in the change of your default home page and search engine. At first it might not seem like a big deal; unfortunately, that is not true. Due to such changes surfing the web will become a much more annoying and frustrating experience, to put it lightly. That is so because you will be forced to use a questionable third-party website as your default homepage at all times whether you like that or not. Virtually the same thing happens in regards to your default search engine. For as long as this browser hijacker will be active on your PC, every single online query will go through a suspicious third-party search engine. What is even more annoying that the questionable engine can present vast amounts of sponsored third-party results, which might not be related to your original query. To surf the web the way you are used to once again, you must delete; to do that quickly and easily, make sure to use our detailed instructions below.

Unfortunately, could prove to be more than just annoying and invasive. Upon further investigation, malware researchers working at our internal labs have discovered that in some instances using the questionable search engine could subject your PC to devious and even potentially harmful web content. That is so because some of its results could host redirect links, meaning that by clicking on them you could end up on a dangerous site. For example, you could find yourself on a site that hosts malicious software. In some instances, just entering such a website could have devastating outcomes. You could also encounter fake online shops, which set up by cyber criminals solely to trick users into providing them with their credit card data. As you can imagine entering any of such sites could have disastrous outcomes, to put it lightly. If you consider yourself to be a security conscious user, make sure not to waste any time and conduct a complete removal of at the very same moment that it is found up and running on your PC.

Do not delay the removal procedure of since having it active on your PC is a dangerous instance. Make sure to execute each step within the removal guide with precision; only a complete removal of this hijacker will restore your browser's default settings once and for all. Keep in mind that leftovers related to could act deviously. For example, just a few traces might prove to be enough for unwanted changes within your browser to remain in place. In other situations, leftovers of this hijacker could be used to restore it without your knowledge. If you want to be sure that every single bit linked to has been terminated from your PC, make sure to execute an in-depth analysis of your PC for anything related to this hijacker as soon as you are done with the instructions below.

How to remove from your PC

  1. Open the File Explorer.
  2. Go to C:\Users\(your username)\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default.
  3. Select and remove files entitled Preferences, Secure Preferences, and Web Data.
  4. Right-click your Recycle Bin and select Empty Recycle Bin.

In non-techie terms:

Do not worry if you find manual removal too complicated. Malware experts at have crafted an alternative removal guide. Follow the instructions that we present below you will be able to delete this intrusive hijacker automatically.