Searchqu Removal Guide

Do you know what Searchqu is?

Has your home page been changed to and you are witnessing unauthorized web page redirections? Unfortunately, these are only a few things that Searchqu is capable of. The malicious toolbar has the capabilities of a browser hijacker, a program that can disrupt your browsing operations, trick you into installing more spyware onto the PC or even lead you to digital identity theft. Continue reading to find out why and how you can remove Searchqu from your Internet browser and the operating system.

Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the most popular web browsers and cyber criminals can infiltrate Searchqu onto any of them. Schemers may use numerous tricks to drop the infection onto the PC; however, you should be most cautious with free bundled downloads. Whether you know how and when the application slithered into your operating system or not, you will not miss all of the irritating symptoms. As you already know, web page redirections and home page modifications are the most annoying toolbar’s alterations. Despite this, these symptoms are also the most dangerous as this could lead you to visiting misguiding websites and clicking on fictitious online advertisements.

Searchqu search engine is not a tool one should use and you should not even think about downloading the dangerous toolbar from If it is too late and the hijacker is already taking over your virtual life, there is a great chance that other malicious infections are running on your PC as well. Needless to say, you need to remove Searchqu as soon as possible. So, how can you do this? You will not find the program listed in the Control Panel, which means that manual removal option is not your ideal solution. On the other hand, if you install SpyHunter, the malicious hijacker will be deleted automatically and you will not need to worry about your system’s security again.

In non-techie terms:

Searchqu is a dangerous browser add-on that can corrupt your browser and trick you into installing more dangerous programs or wasting your money onto fictitious services and products. There is no doubt that you need to delete the application right away, and if there are any more questions boggling your mind – post your comment down below. Most importantly, remember that malicious programs attack unprotected computers, which is why legitimate security software should guard your PC at all times.