SearchConverter Removal Guide

Do you know what SearchConverter is?

SearchConverter is another “single purpose extension” that provides a search engine, which redirects to a modified website instead of displaying search results itself. Like other similar extensions it was classified as a potentially unwanted program because some of its qualities could be considered as undesirable. For example, the application may read users’ browsing history and use collected data for marketing purposes. To learn more about its functionality, we invite you to read our full report. If you do not want this application to view your browsing history, you could erase SearchConverter while following our removal guide available below this article. Also, you can delete it with a reputable antimalware tool of your choice. If you need any help or have any questions related to this potentially unwanted program, feel free to use our comments section.

For starters, we want to talk about how SearchConverter could be spread. Currently, it is available on the Chrome Web Store page and its official website called, but we suspect it might be also spread through file-sharing websites, pop-ups, or advertisements. That is because a lot of potentially unwanted programs are distributed through such channels. Consequently, we advise being attentive when you pick new tools to install if you do not want to end up installing potentially unwanted programs, browser hijackers, adware, and software alike. It is vital to make sure that programs come from reputable developers and reliable websites or platforms. Of course, we advise reading not only applications’ descriptions but also both expert and user reviews that could help you understand what you can expect from a tool better.SearchConverter Removal GuideSearchConverter screenshot
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According to the application’s description, “Search by SearchConverter - The best way to search.” Users who read this statement might imagine that they will receive an advanced and powerful search tool. However, our researchers say that the extension’s search engine might not even display search results. Apparently, it might redirect users to a modified Yahoo search engine that would display the results instead. It is crucial to know that such results could be injected with ads from the potentially unwanted program’s third-party partners. As you might already know, ads coming from different unknown sources could be unreliable, so we advise being cautious with such content. We cannot know for sure if the extension will behave this way, but it possible because its Privacy Policy explains that SearchConverter could “Recommend content based on your preferences.”

To learn about your preferences the extension may ask permission to view your browsing history. As a result, it might be able to view what websites you visit, ads you interact with, search keywords you use, and data alike. If you do not like the idea that the plugin could collect such information to show you targeted ads, you could erase SearchConverter. Instead of its search engine you could go directly to,, or use any other reputable search engine. If you decide you want to delete the extension manually, you could use the instructions available below this paragraph. The other way to eliminate SearchConverter is to scan your computer with a reputable antimalware tool of your choice.

Delete SearchConverter

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Insert chrome://extensions into the address bar and press Enter.
  3. Search for SearchConverter and click Remove.
  4. If needed, confirm that you wish to Remove it.
  5. Close your browser.

In non-techie terms:

SearchConverter is a Google Chrome extension that promises “easy access to search, images, videos and news.” Truth be told, it does provide links to news and a search engine, but its search tool redirects to Yahoo search engine that displays the search results. Also, while using the extension it may view your browsing history to learn what you search for on the Internet, what kind of websites you visit, and so on. Such information could be used for marketing purposes, such as display targeted advertisements. If you would rather search through directly and do not want to risk seeing tailored ads from various third parties, you could delete SearchConverter. Researchers say that the potentially unwanted program can be erased both manually and with a chosen antimalware tool. If you prefer the first option, we can offer you our removal guide available above this paragraph.