Removal Guide

Do you know what is? is a legitimate-looking search engine that will change the settings of browsers that are installed on the computer. For example, this website will be set as your homepage on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer, whereas it will appear in the place of the default search tool on Mozilla Firefox. Specialists say that might affect the New Tab page on some browsers too, which means that you will see it every day. has replaced the settings of your browsers not without a reason. Its presence means that there is the Get Sports extension installed on the computer. It is promoted as “the must-have app for watching your favorite sports.” It might seem to be a useful piece of software for sports enthusiasts because it promises to provide all the latest information, e.g. scores. Unfortunately, it is not exactly true. Yes, you will see buttons at the top of leading to,,, and other websites related to sport, but you do not need to have the Get Sports extension installed to open them, i.e. you can open them by typing the URL in the address bar of your browser. Moreover, many users do not even realize that this software will change their browsers’ settings, so they tend to regret having installed the extension. Do not worry; you can get rid of it rather easily and restore the settings of browsers. We want to suggest deleting this extension promoting if it has entered your system without permission as well. does not seem to be a bad website at first glance. It contains buttons that can help you to access particular third-party websites faster, and it displays search results; however, we still cannot call this search engine reliable. There are several reasons why we cannot say that it is trustworthy. First of all, research has shown that this search tool might show search results based on the entered search query together with all kinds of advertisements. These ads promote third-party websites, so a user might be taken to an unreliable web page one day too. The content of these websites is unknown. Also, they might have a separate Privacy Policy that has nothing to do with and thus collect personal information, e.g. name, surname, address, etc. about users. We want to believe that not all the websites promoted by ads placed on the search results page of are unreliable; however, we also understand that it is impossible to recognize an unreliable one easily, so the possibility to infect the system with malware is quite high. Do not worry; the situation is not desperate. You can still remove the Get Sports extension right now in order to remove from browsers. If you do so, it will not cause any harm to Removal screenshot
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As you already know, the presence of on all your browsers means that you have an extension promoting it installed. You might have downloaded it from ,which is its official website; however, it could have found another way to enter the system too. For example, specialists say that the undesirable extension might have been installed on your PC if you have clicked on a malicious pop-up advertisement. The presence of strange advertisements offering to download some kind of application often indicates that there is a malicious application installed on the system. In most cases, ads are shown by advertising-supported applications. You might know nothing about the presence of adware because these threats often enter computers without permission too.

We suggest that you refer to our manual removal guide because it is not that easy to delete fully. For example, if your default browser is Internet Explorer, you will get rid of the extension Get Sports through Control Panel, whereas Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome users will have to open the Add-ons Manager and delete the extension from there. Of course, it is quicker to reset browsers to their default settings. Use our manual removal guide to do that, or can scan your system with SpyHunter to delete the undesirable extension automatically, and to fix all the changes it has made.


Windows XP

  1. Click on the Start button.
  2. Select Control Panel.
  3. Click Add or Remove Programs.
  4. Select the unwanted program and then click Remove to get rid of it.

Windows 7/Vista

  1. Open the Start menu and then click Control Panel.
  2. Open Uninstall a program.
  3. Right-click on the unwanted software.
  4. Uninstall it.

Windows 8/8.1/10

  1. Tap Win+X.
  2. Select Control Panel.
  3. Click Uninstall a program.
  4. Select the unwanted software.
  5. Click Uninstall.

Internet Explorer

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Tap Alt+T and then click Internet Options.
  3. Open the Advanced tab.
  4. Click Reset.
  5. Check the Delete personal settings box.
  6. Click Reset.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open your browser and then tap Alt+H simultaneously.
  2. Click Troubleshooting information.
  3. Click Refresh Firefox.
  4. Click on the Refresh Firefox button again.

Google Chrome

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Tap Alt+F and click Settings.
  3. Scroll down and click Show advanced settings.
  4. Click Reset settings.
  5. Click Reset.

In non-techie terms:

A bunch of other undesirable search tools exists, e.g. and, so your preferred search engine might be replaced once again if you are not careful. We do not say that it is very easy to protect the computer from dangers, but you should, at least, install a security tool. On top of that, it would be smart to stay away from questionable third-party websites and ignore ads offering to install some kind of application as well.