SaveDefender Removal Guide

Do you know what SaveDefender is?

SaveDefender is also known by the name of or Save Defender and is a malicious rogue application that has been designed in order to steal your money from you. SaveDefender is a member of a family of other antispyware applications such as TrustWarrior and SoftSafeness. If you are wondering how it may get on your computer, the answer is that it does so in very manipulative ways. SaveDefender will be activated on your machine once you have installed a fake video codec which actually comes with a Trojan. You will not know what has hit your machine before it is too late. SaveDefender will generate fake scan reports, fake security notifications and fake system pop up messages. All of SaveDefender's tricks is done on purpose in order to get you to try and purchase the full version. Under no circumstances should you download, install or purchase anything remotely related to SaveDefender.