SafetyKeeper Removal Guide

Do you know what SafetyKeeper is?

SafetyKeeper is another rogue anti-spyware program to come from the creators of the rogues BlockDefense, SaveKeeper and SaveDefense. These same rogue security programs are known to conduct many different methods to entice computer users to purchase one of these applications.

SafetyKeeper, like it's sister applications, is completely incapable of detecting and remove computer parasites which it may claim otherwise on a malicious website that it is advertised and sold on. SafetyKeeper or Safety Keeper, can be said to be a completely worthless program.

In non-techie terms:
SafetyKeeper should never be downloaded, installed or purchased under any condition. Because SafetyKeeper is used as an extortion tool, it should be left alone and never used as a solution to detecting or removing spyware.

Aliases: SafetyKeeper, Safety Keeper.